Grand Opening - Spread the word!!!

Look for our new Thrift Book Store coming January 5th!

Don’t toss that witchy book!

The Druid’s Den is proud to feature our new “Thrift” Books selections.  These are gently used (or never used) books for a fraction of the original price.  Knowledge should be passed down and we can’t think of a better way to pass down knowledge than recycling books!

Look for our Thrift Books under Books & Journals on January 5th!

Because these books are used, we may only have one copy in stock.  So if you see a book you’re interested in, don’t wait to get it or it may be snatched up!  The photos used for each book will be a photo of the actual book, so you’ll be able to see the condition of the book before you make your purchase.

Save money and save trees with our selection of used books!

Do you have a book that’s just collecting dust?

If you have a book you’d like to resell, please reach out to us on our Contact Form.  All books must be in good to excellent condition, and may not have tears or writing in them.  The spines must still be legible and pages must be intact.

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